As the popularity of solar power grows with the ongoing search for clean and renewable energy provision, solar farms will become increasingly important.  Substantial initial investment is required to establish a solar farm, so protecting the highly valuable solar panels and electrical equipment from theft or damage is of paramount importance.  Protecting your solar panels is a key consideration.

Forrest Fence has been installing solar fencing for Solar farms for more than two years and have currently finished over 20 solar field projects in the areas of Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Arizona.  Our professional team of installers and supervisors travel the long distance or right in our backyards to provide exceptional service with a quality product.  Licensed and insured our team will provide prompt, courteous service, as well as provide you with a secure, affordable, quality fence in the end.  
Also offering temporary fencing for your solar project during installation process of solar panels.  Contact us today for a quote from our experienced solar fencing expert.

Why should you secure your solar farm’s perimeter?

  • Solar cells are installed as arrays, if one is damaged or stolen it can affect the whole line, reducing output considerably
  • Solar equipment is expensive and costly to repair, limit unwanted damage by keeping trespassers out
  • Solar farms are a fast growing renewable resource, demand is higher than ever; can you afford to have any disruptions?
  • Large machinery around a solar farm site can be dangerous, ensure you're not being negligent by installing proper security fencing
  • Wildlife love to wonder freely, but sometimes for their own safety it is best to keep them out of your property

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