Do I need a building permit for my fence?  What do I have to do to get one?   

In most cases, a building permit is required within city and county limits.  Discuss with your sales representative and he can better explain if a permit is needed for your fence choice.   Every town, city and county is different, but on average, it takes approximately a week to two weeks to receive your permit.

Do I need a survey?

We will help you determine if you need a survey.  Most permit request require a survey to be submitted with the fence proposal and application for approval.  If you are unsure of the property line and we cannot find the marking pins, you will be required to obtain a certified survey at your expense. Your current neighbor may be fine with the fence line, but if a new owner moves in, surveys the property, and determines your fence is on their property, you will spend more money to move the fence than you could have spent on a survey before building it.

How close can I put the fence to my property line?

It depends on your municipality codes, but in most cases, it is anywhere from right on the line to a 1’ offset.  Going with a 6” offset is a good way to play it safe.

How are underground utilities (electric/cable/phone/etc) avoided during installation?

At least 7 working days before we start your job, we will place an Miss Utility via internet.  This request dispatches representatives of companies that may possibly have underground lines on your property.  If there are lines, they are marked with paint or flags which tell us where we can and cannot dig.  If there are private underground electric, sewer lines or sprinkler systems installed by you or your home builder, let us know so we can avoid them.  If there are any animals present in the yard it’s best to let us know as soon as possible.  

What options do we have regarding the height of the fence?

Standard fence heights are four, five, or six feet. However, you may choose to have a higher fence if you desire.

At what depth do you set fence post?

Vinyl fence post are set 3’ into the ground in concrete, Aluminum and chainlink fence post are set 2’ into the ground in concrete, and wood fence post are set 3’ feet in ground (concrete used for privacy panels).

Does the fence require any maintenance?

Chain link, vinyl, and aluminum are maintenance-free. Wood fences may require minor maintenance, depending on the appearance you desire (i.e. stain or natural finish).

Do you offer sealant or stain for my wood fence?

Yes we can power wash, seal and stain any fence, new and old.  

Which is less expensive: wood, chain link, vinyl, or aluminum?

Chain link is the least expensive of our product offering. Wood, aluminum, and vinyl are our most costly products.